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How do I connect an IP Camera System to my Network? Now, we will add in a PoE switch connected to your router, that will allow you to connect your IP cameras and NVR to your internet connection. This diagram shows the most basic of IP camera setups. Connecting your cameras in this fashion represents how approximately 75-80% of people set up their security cameras. How to configure and connect an ONVIF IP Security Camera May 12, 2018 How to Set Up a Wireless Network Webcam | PCWorld

How to configure and connect an ONVIF IP Security Camera

How to Configure an IP Camera through Internet! - YouTube May 12, 2018 How To Access Your Camera Locally Without Internet

May 12, 2018 · Select the menu for Network Settings. In this section you will be able to assign an IP address to the DVR. This will be an internal static IP address. (This usually begins with 192.168.XXX.X). I would suggest using these settings to get started, you can always change them later. IP ADDRESS: (This will be the ip address of the DVR)

IP cameras offer a browser-based setup process through which you can discover the network, set up wireless access to the camera and define the quality of the camera feed. As part of the setup process, the camera is able to detect your network, and you can provide the password for it to wirelessly access and transfer security footage.