Change my password. Get a new personal key. Change my phone number. Change my email address. Add or remove email address. Email address is already in use. Turn off two-factor authentication. Remove saved password from browser. Delete my account

Feb 26, 2019 · Most apps have their own settings. In the app, select Settings to make app-specific changes. Learn how to make Windows easier to see and easier to hear. Change common settings (like airplane mode and Wi‑Fi) on the fly from action center on the taskbar. On your main Google Settings screen, tap More Clear app data. Learn how to free up space. Usage & diagnostics. You can send information to Google about how you use your device and how it's working. Sharing this information can help Google improve Android for everyone. On your main Google Settings screen, tap More Usage & diagnostics. Dec 17, 2018 · How to rename a microphone using Settings. If you have multiple mics, the Settings app also allows you to change their names to anything you want. Just use these steps: Open Settings. Click on System. Change your two-factor verification method and settings. 07/06/2020; 5 minutes to read +1; In this article. After you set up your security verification methods for your work or school account, you can update any of the related details, including:

Oct 03, 2019

Jul 05, 2020 · 3. Change the Amazon Appstore settings. There are a few options in the Appstore settings you might want to change for a better experience with FireStick. Here is what you can do: Open the FireStick Settings again from the home window; Choose and then click the option Applications; Next, go ahead and open Appstore

Visit Account & Settings in your online Square Dashboard. Under Basic Information, click Change next to the current email address. If you already have 2-Step Verification enabled, enter and confirm the new email address you’d like to associate with your Square account > Change.

After I upgrade my PC to Windows 10, almost everything goes well, but I find that the icons and font size seems to be smaller, how to change my Windows 10 display settings? Guide Steps Way 1: Right Click on Desktop – Display settings Way 2: On Control Panel - Adjust screen resolution Way 3: Settings - Display Way 1: Right Click on Desktop View Advanced Features: Opens the Zoom web portal to adjust settings not available in the client. Edit My Profile: Opens the Zoom web portal to change personal information like you profile picture and name. Change My Subscription: Opens the Zoom web portal and display your current paid plan and options to change it. Statistics Print Settings: You can change the print settings as follows: Graphics: This is the best mode for printing documents that contain graphics. Text: This is the best mode for printing text documents. Manual: You can change the settings manually by choosing Manual and clicking the Manual Settings…. You can set brightness, contrast, and other