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2020 Synology Solution Day. Register for online training, best practice demonstrations, and more. Live demo. Experience Synology's most acclaimed DSM operating system for free today! Boost productivity. Sync files on demand and work together in real-time. Synology video tutorials. Solved: Can't connect to my Synology NAS via its DDNS on L My Synology NAS is connected directly to my SH3. I can connect to it internally by its internal IP address etc. - but if I try to connect to it by its DDNS name it has a good think but then times out. It's the same from any device on the LAN. So if I try to connect from my phone when connected to Map your synology address with your own domain and dynamic Apr 14, 2016

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DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) simplifies connecting to your Synology NAS over the Internet by mapping a hostname to its IP address. For example, DDNS allows you to access your Synology NAS using a domain name (e.g., with no … How to Set Up and Get Started with Your Synology NAS Jul 17, 2017

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