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Gain the Advantage against an assailant by arming yourself with non lethal personal protection weapons. These defensive tools help you defend and protect yourself when you need it most. Stun guns have been around since the 1980's and the technological advances of these devices has increased considerably. Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protectors by Gadget Guard Enjoy sleek and total screen protection with Gadget Guard's innovative tempered glass screen protectors now with privacy added! So, when close quarters compromise your personal space, rest easy knowing that, thanks to the Shadow Edition from Gadget Guard, the data on your screen is visible only to you. NRA to Host Personal Protection - Guns & Gadgets Daily Jul 02, 2019

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Personal Protection. Both cell phone and personal 5G protection in the form of EMF protectors are recommended. So for the upcoming 5G tech and even the current generation, this post is designed to offer tips or methods, and gadgets, that can shield you from the EMF radiation from cell towers. Personal Protection Devices for Women | TBOTECH Self Defense Of all the personal protection devices, my number one recommendation to all women is to carry pepper spray. It is small enough to keep with you always. The Coolest and Most Discreet Security Gadgets Under $50. 05/19/2019. The personal safety and security device market is growing at a rate of 13% and expected to be worth $52 billion by Personal Protection & Security – iTrend Gadgets

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