Feb 02, 2018

Another way to connect your laptop and TV is with a dedicated media stream, with the most common being Google's Chromecast*, Roku's Streaming Stick*, Amazon Fire Stick*, or Apple's TV*. These devices all work in a similar manner, so let’s look at how Chromecast operates. How to connect iMac to Samsung TV - Apple Community Jun 02, 2009 How To Stream From Mac To Roku Oct 09, 2017 How to Connect iPhone to TV - Techbout

Plug your Apple TV into an HDMI port on the back of your TV. Make sure your Apple TV and Mac are both on the same WiFi network - they need to both be connected to a WiFi network in order for the

With Apple TV and iTunes, you can stream your digital media collection from a PC to an HDTV. If you only want to stream audio and video that you own to your TV, iTunes handles this job perfectly. However, to mirror your PC's display on your TV, you must install third-party software similar to Apple… How to Connect a Phone, Tablet, Mac or PC to Your TV

Connect computer to Apple TV with 5k player Step 1. Download this AirPlayer sender and receiver for PC and run it. Do make sure your Apple TV is connected on the same WiFi as your computer.

How to connect apple computer to tv? - Ansaroo While Apple TV is designed for use with televisions, it is possible to connect it to a PC that either has an HDMI-enabled monitor or a TV-tuner card with HDMI or component video inputs. 1. Connect your Apple TV to the HDMI or component video cables. read more How to Connect your Mac to a TV - MacPaw Jun 21, 2018 How to direct connect to Apple TV with et… - Apple Community Feb 12, 2011